Trouser Styles : Italian

Italian Trousers

Trousers are key to making a well-made suit look perfectly proportioned, and it is our trousers that will make the shape and silhouette of your custom-made suit stand out.

The Italian trousers are our go-to trousers for a perfect fit. Classic proportions, made for a comfortable fit on the waist and a tasteful take through the legs down to the shoes – without being stereotypically hipster “skinny fit”.

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Trouser Styles : English

English Trousers

Our English fit trousers are designed to complement the fit our English jacket. English trousers are traditionally a straight fit and less tapered than Continental European styles, and Thomas Henry’s English fit trousers set a similar silhouette – without being too boxy.

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Trouser Styles : Athletic

Athletic Trousers

It’s no surprise that a lot of our clients are athletes who have trouble fitting in off-the-rack trousers. Our athletic fit trousers have enough give to fit the build of those who need it – including hockey/ ruby players, football linemen and cyclists.

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By Appointment Only

We aren’t an ordinary retail shop. Instead, we aim for an approachable, personable service where we can take the time to get to know you and your style. We schedule appointments either at your home, your office or our studio space (depending on the type and length of the appointment). A great-fitting, custom suit can’t be rushed – whether in its design, tailoring, or getting to know the clothier you are working with to make sure it the custom garments are made just right for you.

Please do reach out to Thomas Henry Made if you have any questions or you are ready to get started.

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