Waistcoat Styles : Contemporary

Contemporary Waistcoat

A contemporary, five-button high-cut waistcoat. This style of waistcoat will show a material amount of the waistcoat and fit tight up to the neckline. A smart choice for your everyday business three-piece suit.

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Waistcoat Styles : Formal

Formal Waistcoat

The formal style, four-button waistcoat with a deeper triangular shaped neckline. This cut works well for formal suiting, showing a range of the waistcoat above the buttoning point of the jacket.

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Waistcoat Styles : Classic

Classic Waistcoat

The classic double-breasted, shawl-collared waistcoat is made for formalwear and sartorial experts. Featuring three rows of two buttons, tightly arrange close to the waistcoat bottom. Perfect for weddings and black-tie events (especially so with velvet or heavy tweed fabrics).

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Waistcoat Styles : Horseshoe

Horseshoe Waistcoat

As the name suggests, this waistcoat has a deep neckline (shaped like a horseshoe) and a minimalist three-button stance. Ideal for formalwear but also a stylish choice for everyday suiting. The subtle cut to the waistcoat means it won’t show if you have it buttoned up, leaving a surprise for when you take of your jacket.

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Waistcoat Styles : Modern

Modern Waistcoat

The modern waistcoat is cut with a lower neckline in a four-button style. A subtler version of the contemporary waistcoat, this will show above the jacket when buttoned, but just a hint of suggestion of what lies beneath.

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Waistcoat Styles : Notch Lapel

Notch Lapel Waistcoat

The notch lapel waistcoat is the choice for those that love a traditional look, and who enjoy wearing the waistcoat without the jacket. Cut similarly to the contemporary waistcoat with the addition of notch lapels, this style presents a style similar to a jacket and adds more visual interest with an everyday wearing appeal. Ideal for those who like a traditional style with a bit of interest.

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