Worry-Free Dormeuil Aquaplan

Nothing says summertime like a bold green suit. Sure, maybe everyone doesn’t have one in their closet, but when spring rolls around and the sun comes out, you’re going to be glad you work in a creative office and can get away with it. Even better – fear not the spring showers or overturned beer glasses – it will bead right off the Dormeuil Aquaplan.

Pick Stitching:

Pick stitching is an interesting detail on our tasteful peak lapels, and works to break-up the solid.

Slanted Cuffs:

Slanted, kissing buttons demonstrate a quality, custom suit jacket detail.

Contrast Stitching:

Not to be outdone, the contrast green stitching livens up what could otherwise be a plain white shirt and blends perfectly with the suit.


The Aquaplan wool is milled by Dormeuil with a patented nanotechnology that makes liquid run right off it, keeping you dry and cool at the same time.




Thomas Henry Made Custom Made to Measure Suits Toronto New York

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