Cool Blue Flannel Glenplaid

Tasteful. Distinguished. Badass. What more can one say about this flannel, cool blue glen plaid? Well, you could point out the tasteful peak lapel, or how great the white buttons look, or how you barely notice the patch pockets (risqué for business/formal attire) because of the quality pattern-matching.

Peak lapel:

Our customary peak lapel pattern is a tasteful, not-too-wide 6 cm.


A bubbly, blue-on-blue that blends in well.

Buttons for Braces:

For those who fancy suspenders, all of our trousers can be fitted with buttons for braces (as the British call them).

Trouser Cuffs:

The glen plaid pattern blends in perfectly with the 3 cm cuffs – you barely even know they are there.



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