Switching it Up

Casual yet dressy. Polished, yet comfortable. Business, yet pleasure. These are all the things you can achieve when mixing your blue linen blazer with green cotton chinos and a blue with contrast green buttonhole stitching button-down shirt.

Contrast Lapel Hole:

A white contrast lapel hole and buttons on navy are an undisputed classic that simply does not get enough play.

Trouser Cuffs:

Trim cuffs on cotton trousers are a tailored alternative to the hipster-style pant roll-up.

Trouser Closure:

Another win for subtle details – a contrast two-button trouser with a button that matches the blazer.

Button Down Contrast Stitching:

Contrast green stitching on the shirt buttonholes help tie the blue/green separates together (it’s almost like Jason had this look planned all along).



Thomas Henry Made Custom Made to Measure Suits Toronto New York

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